Burberry Logo

Burberry Logo

Burberry Group plc, one of the largest fashion houses in Britain. Known for its famous tartan pattern, it manufactures high-end clothing, fashion accessories and fragrance. Recognized as the 98th most valuable brand in the world by Business Weekly, Burberry employs more than 6,6810 people around the world.


Shape and Color of the Burberry Logo:

The Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was created in 1901 holding the Latin word “Prorsum”, which means “forwards”. Ever careful to safeguard the interests of his business and products, founder Thomas Burberry registered the logo in 1904 and the eponymous check in 1920, which, however, did not appear on the lining of the raincoat until 1924.

The Burberry logo depicts an equestrian carrying a shield. The equestrian stands for purity, nobleness and honor, whereas the shield visualizes protection. The black color in the Burberry logo represents strength and durability.

Font of the Burberry Logo:

Strikingly elegant yet simple, the Burberry logo borrows from the Linotype Didot Bold typeface.

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