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Boston Red Sox Logo

Boston Red Sox Logo

The Boston Red Sox is a popular baseball team. Originated in 1912, it is a member of the Major League Baseball’s American League Eastern Division, based in Toledo, Ohio. The name “Red Sox”, imposed by John Taylor, the proprietor, in 1907, is inspired by the ancient plural form of the word socks.

Since the 20th century, Red Sox has been a preeminent team in the new league. The team marked its success by winning against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first World Series in 1903 and accomplished four other championships by 1918. From there on, the team participated in one of the longest championships in the baseball history, the team accomplished their sixth World Series Championship in 2004. The Boston Red Sox have participated in four ALCS since 2003, achieving victory in two World Series. The team is undoubtedly recognized as one of the most victorious MLB teams in the world of baseball.

The customary uniform for the team is white with red piping around the neck, and “RED SOX” printed in red with blue outline. This uniform was put into use in 1979, and still remains unaltered. The team’s home uniform jersey is red with white pants and “RED SOX” is printed across the chest in blue and outlined in white.


The famous Red Sox logo comprises of the “hanging sox”. The socks were added to the logo in 1931 and is still in use as its prime symbol, with insignificant changes in the shade of the color and resolution. The new “Circle Sox” logo is the team’s secondary symbol.

Shape of the Boston Red Sox Logo:

The logo consists of a pair of hanging socks which basically represents the American baseball team’s brand name, distinctiveness and brand impartiality.

Color of the Boston Red Sox Logo:

The hanging socks in the Red Sox logo is red and white, signifying the team’s zeal and the passion to stand out in all their performances.

Font of the Boston Red Sox Logo:

The Red Sox logo uses a Tuscan font, giving it an essence of the 19th century.