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Bosch Logo

Bosch Logo

Robert Bosch GmbH (often called “Bosch”) is a world-renowned engineering and electronics firm. Headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany, the company employs 303,000 people worldwide with annual revenue of €51.4 billion as of 2011. Established in 1886 by Robert Bosch, it now the largest supplier of automotive parts in the world.

Bosch has around 350 subsidiaries in more than 60 countries and sells products in over 150 different countries of the world.


Shape of the Bosch Logo:

The Bosch logo depicts a magneto armature inside the magnetic casing, which was one of the earliest products of the company. It was created in 1918 by Gottlob Honold, the main engineer in the workshop of Robert Bosch, and modified in 2004 by Erik Spiekermann of United Designers Network.

Color of the Bosch Logo:

Having red and black as basic colors, the Bosch logo also uses gray and silver colors.

Font of the Bosch Logo:

The Bosch logo features Bosch Sans and Bosch Serif typefaces, both of which were designed by Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwart.