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The Boeing Company is a world-renowned American multinational aerospace and defense firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Established by William E. Boeing in 1916 in Seattle, Washington, it has shown immense corporate growth, widely considered to be one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Boeing merged with its rival corporation McDonnell Douglas in 1997. The company employs more than 165,000 people with total assets of around US$ 79.986 billion as of 2011.


Shape and Font of the Boeing Logo: The earliest Boeing logo to be widely adapted was the vertical, winged Boeing "totem" which was created in 1928. It started appearing on Boeing aircrafts in the mid 1930s. The totem logo was, however, replaced in 1947 with a simple wordmark that contained the company name in the Stratotype typeface. Designed in-house by Boeing artists, it was first featured on the Model 377 Stratocruiser. Stratotype was also used by the company to designate aircraft model numbers. The frequently-used typeface underwent several changes over the years. When its insouciant, casual use caused to somehow diminish the impact of the Boeing logotype, Stratotype was restricted exclusively for the use as a logotype and the alphanumeric designators on Boeing aircrafts in 1988. Legendary graphic designer Rick Eiber overhauled the Boeing logotype to a new symbol in 1997, while retaining the classic elements of the McDonnell Douglas logo which was in turn inspired by the Douglas Aircraft logo. Assembled in one place, the Boeing logotype and Boeing symbol constitute the corporate identity of today. Color of the Boeing Logo: The blue color in the Boeing logo represents the sky and the supremacy, strength and the success of the brand.

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