BMW Logo

BMW Logo

Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Company (more commonly known as BMW) is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company which was established in 1913. The BMW Company is one of the most famous automobile companies in the world which has reached its altitudes and gained countless accomplishments. It holds and produces the Mini brand, and is closely associated with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

The BMW logo is certainly one of the key elements behind the success of the company. The logo has been slightly modified over the years, however, it still continues to provide the company with a powerful corporate representation.

The company started off by manufacturing aircraft engines, as a result of which, it implemented stylish display of airplane propeller spiraling by the blue sky. The BMW logo includes four quadrants in blue and white tint. It consists of a roundel that contains the national colors of Bavaria; blue and white. Another theory suggests that the logo signifies the white propeller blade in place of the blue sky, which represents the company as the maker of militia airplanes during World War I.


BMW Logos

The BMW logo depicts a concrete corporate image. The logo is said to be created to represent Bavaria – as the company’s industrial location. It is one of the most distinctive commercial logos that wonderfully illustrate the company’s remarkable elegance.

Shape of the BMW Logo:

The BMW logo has a think black circle, bounded by smooth silver outline, displaying the company’s name in a stylish manner. The core of the circle of logo is separated into four quadrants with national colors of Bavaria; blue and white hues. Other experts say that each section of the quadrants of the BMW logo depicts the whirling propeller of a plane, formed in a fashionable manner.

Color of the BMW Logo:

The BMW logo comprises of powerful colors, directing an impressive sensation for the viewer. Blue, black and white colors come together to shape up a logo that explains the attractive features of the company. The quarters of the BMW logo are shaded in white and blue, while the thick circle is tinted in a black shade, signifying the strength of the firm.

Font of the BMW Logo:

The letters “BMW" are inscribed in the top half of the black circle in the BMW logo, in non-serif characters. The font gives the BMW logo a simple look with a solid corporate image. The simple font of the logo notifies the observer that the corporation has unquestionably reached the height of success and is persist on following it.

The BMW logo is a gratifying image that propels elegance, lucidity and awareness. It is undoubtedly known as one of the most unique corporate emblems worldwide. Dixi was the first vehicle to embrace the popular BMW logo, in 1929. Even though the BMW logo has been slightly modified over the years, it still possesses the sophistication and influential traits of the original logo.