The Weekly Round-Up: March 21-27

Author: Mohib

I need a boyfriend gay

20 Funny T-Shirt Quotes – I Need A New Boyfriend – Mr. Charlie, ‘Shame, Shame’! :-P

Et tu Adobe? – IMHO, most of those submitted are terrible, terrible weak concepts. What say you?

For the good cause: USD $3607 for the Eastern Australian Flood Victims! – Many Congrats Jacob Cass! You’ve just served as a great example to the industry. :-)

Astonishing Free Typography Wallpapers – Really awesome and interesting stuff.

Wachovia introduces new logo and brand name

Author: Mohib

Wachovia Wells Fargo new logo name

Wachovia, the largest bank in Palm Beach County, and the fourth-largest bank holding company in the entire U.S., gets a new logo and name in July 2011. The new stagecoach logo will feature “Wells Fargo” in red and gold colors.

The name change could probably disturb the bank’s flighty depositors, but Ken Thomas, a Miami banking analyst, contends that the Wells Fargo’s healthy finances will hold depositors in place: “There will be some questions about the stagecoach, and people will come in and ask some questions about the history of the bank. I don’t see a run-off, because the bank has a good, strong reputation.”

Crowdsourcing + Casting couch = Crowdcasting

Author: Mohib

Crowdsourcing epic fail


Renaming (creative) crowdsourcing fail

Idiotic ‘Rename Crowdsourcing’ Project Down to 12 Finalists

6 Reasons Crowdsourcing And Spec Work Sucks

Crowdsourcing Is Not A Viable Business Model And Here’s Why

The kiddie designers of 99designs

Has Crowdsourcing Gone Too Far?

Crowdsourcing Erases Graphic Design as we know it

Taiwan’s New “The Heart of Asia” Logo

Author: Mohib

Taiwan's New The Heart of Asia Logo

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has unveiled a new logo with the slogan “Taiwan – The Heart of Asia”. The grammatically incorrect old slogan “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart", which had been in use for about ten years, has been thrown out.

The logo, designed with the help of a London design agency named Winkreative, features a few symbols of Taiwan including Taipei 101 and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, as well as the ancient temples of Taiwan. It also depicts fireworks, lanterns, a teapot, a bird, flower blossoms, a butterfly, two people eating and an aboriginal motif.

What do you think of the new design? Don’t forget to have your say in the comments section below!

Iran would not be missed: Cameron

Author: Mohib

2012 London Olympics logo resembles Zion

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron has told a reporter that the 2012 London Olympics would not miss Iran, if they want to boycott. Cameron’s comments follow an objection by Iranian Olympic Association that the logo chosen for the event is racist, and that it bears (an uncanny) resemblance to the word “Zion” – a biblical term for Israel.

Speaking to the London newspaper Jewish News, he said: “It’s completely paranoid. If the Iranians don’t want to come, don’t come – we won’t miss you. It would be a crazy reason for not coming. They can’t come if they’re going to behave like that.”

Check out our breakdown of the logo above and have your say in the comments.

The Weekly Round-Up: Feb 28 – March 06

Author: Mohib

The Weekly Round-Up: Feb 28 - March 06

40 Cool Website Design Ideas You Should Check – Is a really cool collection of awesome, inspirational websites.

New JCPenney logo – Steve Douglas likes it!

London 2012 logo threatens Iran – And other conspiracy theories.

Business design advice to keep you sane & prosper – Some really helpful tips for designers.

Interested in a New TV Show Following Real Women Inventors? – Well, I am not! Are you? :-D

Wedding is considered to be the most important day of one’s life – Absolutely FALSE for obvious reasons. The most important day of my life was when I lost my virginity at… umm… 15. And then on, and on, and on! :-P C’mon Charlie, C’mon man!!

Battle Creek Bombers unveil new logo

Author: Mohib

Battle Creek Bombers new logo

The Battle Creek Bombers released a new logo on February 20, which convey a fresher and edgier image of the team. The logo, consisting of a stylized mosquito in aviation gear throwing a baseball, features red and dark grey colors, and is the culmination of six months effort by designers at Worthen Design, a leading design agency based in Utah.

Three additional logos were also introduced by the team management during the launch. Talking to the press, General Manager Brian Colopy said, “These new logos really represent a new excitement and brand name we are creating this year with the Bombers.”

The Bombers will play their fifth season on June 1 in the Northwoods League.

Salem’s versatile new logo: Witch, or boat, or both

Author: Mohib

Salem new logo

Salem, a historical city in northeastern Massachusetts, is well-known for its witch trials and rich and prosperous maritime history. A new logo introduced by Destination Salem, a nonprofit organization on February 17 wonderfully highlights both these traits of the city in one simple logo, which goes by the slogan “Salem: Still Making History”.

Mayor Kim Driscoll, quite happy with its versatility and playfulness, was quoted as saying she’s “super excited” about the logo which looks awesomely futuristic while staying true to the traditions and cultural heritage of the city.

Netherlands team to wear Amul logo in World Cup 2011

Author: Mohib

Amul Butter logo

Indian dairy giant Amul has been announced as the official sponsor of the Netherlands national cricket team for the ICC World Cup 2011 on Monday, February 14. Amul Butter logo will be worn on the sleeve of saffron jerseys and training kits of Dutch players throughout the tournament.

Netherlands cricket team will play their first match against England on 22 February at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur.

The new wordless Starbucks logo irks brand loyal clients

Author: Mohib

new starbucks wordless logo

Thousands of customers have expressed annoyance over this month’s announcement by the coffee giant which takes away the words “STARBUCKS COFFEE” inclosing its iconic green sea nymph while displaying her face even larger. This marks the first major logo change since their inception in 1992. The indignation also went viral on the internet, with hundreds of Facebook groups being created to curse the change.

Experts at Penn State, West Virginia University, and Rice University in the United States collaborated to analyze why clients react negatively to logo redesigns such as the one by Starbucks, one of the world’s largest coffee companies. They concluded that the brand loyal customers of any brand feel the most annoyed by a logo change and are the most likely to quit using the company’s products because of it, as they feel threatened by such changes to famous logos.

The new Starbucks logo will be followed out in early March, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the opening of its flagship location in downtown Seattle, as they feel the new logo will help them expand beyond coffee into new international markets and product lines, including teas called “Starbucks Coffee Tea“.

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