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Bendix Logo The Bendix Corporation was an American manufacturer of automotive brake systems, aeronautical hydraulics, consumer appliances and various other products. The company was founded in 1924 and was acquired by Allied Corporation in 1983 for $85 per share. Bendix executed a number of mergers, sales and changes with its partners or buyers including Raytheon, Allied Signal, among others. The process thinned its corporate identity, though for a certain period, these companies adapted the Bendix brand for some of their products, for instance aircraft flight control systems.


The current Bendix logo was designed by the famous international design agency Lippincott & Margulies in 1966. Shape of the Bendix Logo: The dynamic concave shape under the name is fairly reminiscent of a brake pad, but it is sufficiently generic and does not estrange other product areas of the company. The upward sweep of the arc in the Bendix logo, which extends marginally as it goes to the right, imparts a feel of positive momentum. One can also notice a play on the name as the arc “bends” upward. Color of the Bendix Logo: The blue color in the Bendix logo represents excellence, quality and reliability. Font of the Bendix Logo: The bold and condensed Sans Serif font in the Bendix logotype gives it a feel of strength, authenticity and intensity.

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