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BBC Logo

BBC Logo

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), headquartered in in the City of Westminster, London, is the main public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom. The company has established itself as the world’s major broadcasting company over the years. BBC had hired around 28,500 people in the UK with a yearly budget of £4 billion or $8 billion. It is a leading broadcasting conglomerate that introduces programs for television, radio and internet. BBC is renowned all over the world because of its exceptional and inspiring logo design.

The BBC logo was developed in the 1950s, when dissimilar emblems were initially implemented for various BBC channels to structure their individuality. Sober colors like black and white were originally used for the formation of these logos, but with the passage of time, the design was altered, although the colors remained unchanged portraying specialized and sheer corporate image. Different BBC channels use different logos to symbolize the characteristics, traits and personality of the significant channels. The BBC logo is popularly known as one of the most proficient logotypes which describe the position, power and competence of the corporation.


The unique BBC logo explains the nature of the company at its best. Originally, the BBC logos contained Italic typeface and they performed well for a considerable period of time. In 1997, the BBC logo was modified, which represented a stronger and bolder picture for the company and its agenda. Each and every one of the BBC logos was exhibited in this new style on October 4, 1997.

Shape of the BBC Logo:

The current BBC logo is confined elegantly in three square boxes, with the company’s name inscribed in it. The squares of the BBC logo are unique and convey the company’s rapid progress in the modern world. The shape of the BBC logo defines the corporation’s objectives and limitations.

Color of the BBC Logo:

Black is a color that represents strength, dignity and power. The BBC logo is highlighted in black hue to extend the company’s objectives, which is to attain the finest marketable representation and performance worldwide. Black shade enhances the magnificence of the BBC logo by providing it positive energy and eminence.

Font of the BBC Logo:

The BBC logo is presented in the bold typeface to signify its strength and superiority. The logo uses the Gill sans font, which allows the BBC logo to project itself in pictorial manifestation.