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Batman Logo

Batman Logo

Batman is a legendary fictional character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Batman emerged in May 1939 in a comic book by the Detective Comics (issue # 27). The character came into existence in reaction to the successful action figure “Superman”. The first ever batman figure, created by Kane, was of a man with no gloves in red tights, a domino mask, and two stiff wings similar to the wings of a bat from a rope. But according to Finger, Batman was required to enhance his strong character, so he recommended a cowl for the mask, a cape as a substitute to wings, added gloves and removed red tights from the costume.

Finger gave Batman a secret identity, known as “Bruce Wayne”, this name was inspired by a Scottish patriot Robert Bruce. Bruce Wayne was hypothetically a prosperous individual from Gotham city. Bruce Wayne survived on the earnings of his inherited company Wayne Enterprise (a technological corporation). He is known to have a bold and flirtatious character so that he could hide his identity as “the Batman”.

The distinctive features of Batman’s character gradually progressed after the original Batman story “The case of the Chemical Syndicate”. The eminent jaw line came within 6 issues and the intro of the utility belt in issue # 29 and the bat plane in issue # 31. Robin was made Batman’s crime fighting partner because the company was losing its charm and sales. The Joker and Catwoman were also introduced within the year of its release. Detectives Comics has effectively printed over 600 batman copies.


There have been several Batman logos; however the most frequently used logo exists in the Detectives Comics (DC comics) since 2003. The Batman logo is symbolized by a bat. It is made strong and threatening, to minimize the crime rate in the fictional city of Gotham.

Shape of the Batman Logo:

The Batman logo is unique and innovative. It comprises of a black bat with spread wings, depicting bravery and heroism.

Color of the Batman Logo:

The color of the Batman logo is black, providing the logo with a fearsome image. The background of the logo is grey; the color compliments all distinctive features of the logo.