Bass Ale Logo

Bass Ale Logo

The Bass Brewery was established in 1777 by William Bass in Burton upon Trent, England. Their primary product was Bass Pale Ale. The visually distinctive red triangle – the self-proclaimed “world’s most famous trademark" – of Bass Ale is probably the England’s first registered trademark.

The Bass Brewery acquired a few other large breweries in the early 20th century and merged with Charrington United Breweries in the 1960s to become Bass Charrington – one of the biggest brewing companies in the United Kingdom.


Bass Ale is widely considered to be a pioneer in international brand marketing and business development. The Bass Ale logo, featuring a red triangle, was the first trademark to be registered under the British Trade Mark Registration Act 1875, filed as trademark no.1.

Shape of the Bass Ale Logo:

Since its inception in 1875, the Bass Ale logo is a definitive example of all options being available. Considering very few nonrepresentational corporate logos were there at that time, a shape as basic as an equilateral triangle was usable for appropriation. The only problem with the use of a simple geometric shape to symbolize a brand is that it is very common, and happens to be seen everywhere.

Color of the Bass Ale Logo:

The red color in the Bass Ale logo represents energy, vigor, vitality and passion.