Android Logo

Android Logo

Android is a Linux-programmed operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Google, being the sole financial supporter of the software, whole purchased Android in 2005. One of the leading smartphone platforms in the world, some 400 million Android devices have been activated and 1 million activations are made per day as of mid-2012.


Shape of the Android Logo:

The popular Android wordmark was created along with the Droid font family by Chicago-based type foundry Ascender Corporation, while the robot icon is a creation of a California-based graphic designer named Irina Blok. The Android robot is a prime example of a playful logo, yet made of fairly simple shapes.

Color of the Android Logo:

“Android Green” is the color of the Android Robot that depicts the Android operating system. The green color stands for growth, freshness and prosperity.

Font of the Android Logo:

The Android logo features the custom typeface called Norad.