American Express Logo

American Express Logo

The American Express is one of the most renowned companies of the world. It holds high standards in the international financing market. The American Express logo is of extreme importance for the company’s recognition and reputation across the world.

The company started off in 1850 in New York, it was the time when United States was at the highest point of its economic development. From there on, it has been successful in preserving and sustaining its good standards and reputation.

In the early years, the American Express logo had an image of a Viking, which was later removed to a simpler form that helps to depict its actual purpose. The logo is viewed as the symbol of blind trust, high standards and simplicity.


The unique design of the American Express logo develops a decent and honorable perception in the minds of the investors and the adversaries.

Shape of the American Express Logo:

The American Express logo is in a shape of a square. The font covers the mid section and the rest of the area is empty. This makes the logo look more prominent and decipherable for the observer.

Color of the American Express Logo:

American Express logo comprises of two colors; blue and white. The background of the logo is of light or sky blue color and the fonts are banded by white. The combination of colors gives an appealing effect to the overall design.

Font of the American Express Logo:

The text in the American Express logo is situated in the center of the logo. The font used is bold and clear, giving it a unique position in the eyes of the viewers.