Allianz Logo

Allianz Logo

Allianz is one of the largest international insurance and financial service providers in the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany. With 92.5 billion euros of revenue during 2008, Allianz employs more than 160,000 people in about 70 countries.


The Allianz logo, being highly visually and aesthetically distinctive, is the only brand image used for Allianz Global Corporate and all their specialty units.

Shape of the Allianz Logo:

The first Allianz logo was designed in 1890, featuring a complex coat of arms. The later logo, introduced in 1923, was strikingly stylized and it simplified the previous mark while retaining the bird. In 1977 redesign, an outer circle was added to better contain the mark. Eventually, the 1999 redesign, which is the current version of the Allianz group emblem, took out all but the most fundamental and requisite elements necessary to keep the bird recognizable. The company introduced their “word-picture” logo in 2006 to effectively streamline their worldwide brand portfolio.

Color of the Allianz Logo:

The use of blue color in the Allianz logo depicts excellence, mastery and class.

Font of the Allianz Logo:

The Allianz logo uses the custom-made Allianz Sans font.