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Air Jordan Logo

Air Jordan Logo

Air Jordan brand is famous for introducing great innovations to the sport of basketball and the sporty footwear manufacturing industries. Prior to the establishment of Air Jordan all basketball shoes were white in color, but after the appearance of the popular basketball performer Michael Jordan and with the commencement of the Air Jordan Company, the game and the industry has entirely transformed. The company introduces new products almost every year. Air Jordan, also known as Jordan, is named after the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. This trademark of footwear and athletic garments was first initiated in 1985, by Nike, which was sanctioned by Michael Jordan until late 1997. The brand is now responsible for selling Air Jordan products. Since 1985, the company presents new and innovative shoes annually, even after the retirement of Michael Jordan from NBA. Air Jordan successfully manages to maintain the production of contemporary shoes and their exceptional services; it’s a leading company in the athletic footwear and clothing industry.


The Air Jordan logo was conceptualized by Tinker Hatfield who was given the responsibility of designing the logo subsequent to Peter Moore, the popular designer who left Nike. Jordan logo has undergone countless transformations since its inception. The distinctiveness of each logo makes Jordan’s products inspiring and unique. Shape of the Air Jordan Logo: The Air Jordan logo comprises of a picture of a man jumping to bucket the ball in his hand; the man is undoubtedly Micheal Jordan himself. His picture in the logo makes the logo look highly appealing to his fans all over the world. Color of the Air Jordan Logo: Micheal Jordan’s posture in the logo is painted in black. The logo depicts the classiness, uniqueness and mystique of Jordan’s personality. The current Air Jordan logo is one of the most renowned and successful sports logos ever created.

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