Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo

Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the entire world. Adidas AG, though, specializes in quality sportswear, it also manufactures a few other products such as shoes, clothes, bags and shirts to give their customers a wide variety of goods to choose from.

The three stripes of the Adidas logo represent a mountain which indicates the aims and goals lying ahead. Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, and his brother, Rudolf Dassler, together created the logo to motivate the athletes by providing them with the finest quality product available in the market.

During 1967 the three striped symbol was only engraved on shoes, but gradually, as the brand gained worldwide popularity by 1971, it altered to the Trefoil logo. After a few years, the company merged with Salomon and came up with a new design, which featured two colors. The blue color represented Adidas, while the red color signified Salomon. In 2005, the Adidas logo was further modified to the “World Mark" which was simpler, clearer and more visually distinctive.


The Adidas logo is designed to influence the masses with its simplicity and elegance.

Shape of the Adidas Logo:

The three parallel stripes of the Adidas logo embody the exceptional performance of the athletes and the undying efforts they make to achieve their set goals. It also signifies the well being and goodwill of the Adidas Company.

Color of the Adidas Logo:

The purpose behind the color of the logo being black is not a mere coincidence; its motif is to motivate the youth to engage themselves in athletics and to encourage the ones who are striving to be athletes.

Font of the Adidas Logo:

The font of the Adidas logo is simple yet effective. Despite its simplicity, it does not fail to impress.

Adidas is still engaged in motivating and energizing the youth of every nation and stands proudly as one of the best companies of the world.