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Abarth Logo Abarth is one of the most prestigious Italian racing car makers in the world. Established in 1949 by Austrian-Italian Carlo Abarth and Italian Armando Scagliarini in Turin, the company was acquired by Fiat in 1971, and eventually became its racing department.


Shape of the Abarth Logo: The Abarth logo consists of a shield which typifies the notion of victory and passion. The scorpion featured on the shield depicts the astrological sign of the founder – Karl Alberto Abarth – who was born on November 15th 1908. Color of the Abarth Logo: The Abarth logo artistically utilizes the red, white and green colors found in the Italian Flag. The red and yellow colors used in the shield are representative of the racing world. Font of the Abarth Logo: The font used in the Abarth logo is a slight modification of the Microgramma Bold D Extended typeface.

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