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2016 Summer Olympics Logo

2016 Summer Olympics Logo

The 2016 Summer Olympics, also known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event will be the first ever Olympics held in South America.


Shape and Colors of the 2016 Summer Olympics Logo: The earliest logo brought out by the Brazilian Olympic Committee was a plain Green logo. Later on, a “Sugar Loaf” logo was put forward. The third and the final 2016 Summer Olympics logo contains three figures (yellow, green and blue) embraced at the arms, and in a triple hug. The symbol was created keeping four elements in mind; contagious energy, harmonious diversity, exuberant nature, and Olympic spirit. The logo, administered by local agency Tatil in a race involving about 139 design agencies, was unveiled during the Réveillon party in the Copacabana Beach on December 31, 2010. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge accounced that the 2016 Summer Olympics logo wonderfully highlights the vision of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil for the event. The symbol is reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s legendary painting The Dance, while artistically utilizing the colors found in Brazilian flag at the same time.

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